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Born and raised in Tokyo, Azusa Kito lives and breathes for natural flowers and seeing design through the sophisticated internacional art .


While in Tokyo at a young age, Azusa gained the attention of leaning many fields of Japanese cultura including Ikebana and Tea ceremony— and, by the time she got diplomas. This passion for searching of floral beauty has always run deep. Kept on her searching of flower arrangement in Tokyo, Paris and London, and then located to Spain and established her studio Hanamizuki in Barcelona.


Azusa makes planes not only courses of different fields of Japanese culture, but also installation at tradicional spaces, and strives to always find new ways to introduce an aesthetic aspect of Japanese culture in Spain.


Recently Azusa started a new presentation of her art by mixed media using 3D Origami, collage, photos, videos, music, etc., and also by new performance with five sensations. Every element is carefully examined and is combined. Each product is unique on its own, and its’s very Azusa.

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